Biology & Environmental Indicators Department
Includes (Aquatic Environment, Plant, and Zoology)


  • Living organisms including Phytoplankton, Zooplanktons, and Macrobenthos considered as a good biological indicators of water pollution.
  • Also, analysis of different parts Fish and Plant can indicate the water pollution degree.
  • Each laboratory has the analytical instrument for either  preparation or evaluation

Department Instruments:

    • High magnification power microscopes.
    • Stereomicroscopes.
    • Electronic sensitive balance.
    • Microfine cutting grinder.
    • High temperature ovens.
    • Incubator.
    • Laminar air flow cabinet.
    • Hot plates.
    • Chlorophyll grinder.
    • Centrifuge.
    • Fish measuring device.

Department Services:

    • Preparation of different parts of plant for detection heavy metals, cations and NPK
    • Preparation fish samples for heavy metals detection.
    • Zooplankton and phytoplankton enumeration and classification.
    • Measurements of chlorophyll (a,b,c).