The department of inorganic chemistry is one of the six departments in the Central Laboratory for Environmental Quality Monitoring (CLEQM). The core areas of the laboratory are metal ions (minor, trace and heavy metals), anions, cations and physical parameters (pH, EC, alkalinity, odor, color, turbidity and dissolved oxygen). The research has links several application areas like soil, plant and ecotoxicology departments. Each laboratory houses a number of up-to-date and fully automated analytical instruments that are capable of handling a wide range of physico-chemical parameter in the field of water and digested samples analyses. Inorganic department includes four major analytical laboratories. The department is participating in the United Nation (UN) GEMS/ Water Performance Evaluation (PE) program. The laboratories has successfully obtained ISO/IEC 17025 from an internationally.


• ICP-MS, Perkin Elmer Sciex, Elan 9000.
• ICP-OES, Perkin Elmer, Optima 5300 DV.
• FIMS-FIAS 400.
• IC Dionex-DX500, IC-Metrom and IC Dionex- DX5000.
• Microwave labstation mls 1200 mega.
• Gerhardt-Vapodest 20s.
• Colorimeter HACH 2010.
• Flame photometer 410.
• pH inolab WTW.
• EC inolab WTW.


• The laboratories accommodate the analytical requirements of the National Water Research Center (NWRC).
• Provide timely, high quality, analytical services.
• Our testing services cover governmental department, private sectors, general public universities and institutional researches as well as national and international project.