Research Institute for Groundwater (RIGW) is one of twelve research Institutes within the National Water Research Center (NWRC).

RIGW was established since 1975 to take over and extend the work of the Groundwater Research Inspectorate (GRI) which was started science 1953.The main activity of (GRI) was to establish a network for monitoring the groundwater levels and quality in the Nile valley and Delta region.

Since 1975, the RIGW has experienced a sustainable growth of its tasks with the increasing importance of groundwater in the national water policies. The RIGW staff is a well-qualified multi-disciplinary research team, capable of scientifically handling development problems with sufficient practical experience. The structure of the institute is flexible enough to generate integrated groups, which technical studies may require.

  • Three researches have been accomplished and published :

    • RIGW begins studies and field works in Saint Mena Martyr's Monastery project. The project is Groundwater dewatering and decreasing of water level in the Archaeological area. Activities include topographic surveys, water sampling, wells assessment and drilling, soil mechanics and groundwater modeling.
    • The annual report of National Groundwater Quality Monitoring all Over Egypt 2018
    • Hydrogeological Investigation for the New Desalination Unit in Zohr Onshore Plant - Port Said Area (2018).
    • Digitizing and updating the hydrogeological maps of some selected development areas in Egypt ( 12 hydrogeological maps with different scale) for Academy of Scientifc Research and Technology


Prof.Amr Fadlelmawla

Position:RIGW Director

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Prof. Mohamed Fahmy

Position RIGW Deputy Director

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